1. Appropriate Headwear by Bernstock Speirs

    So you've been invited to one of the following:

    The Birdcage Marquee at Melbourne Cup, A garden wedding, Boating/yachting, Mini golf.

    And you don't have appropriate headwear.

    Here 'tis.

    By Bernstock Speirs

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  2. Dress UP

    Stephanie Downey of Dress Up, has this way with cloth. 
    It's always the pared back pieces that are the hardest to design really well.
    The label is now in its 7th year, and we are so happy to have it in The Standard Store for Summer!
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  3. For the boys

    The boys YMC is pretty tasty too!
    Towelling jumpers in navy and worn-out red.
    Classic pocket tees in olives, orange, greys, navy and more.
     Even stars... 
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  4. Maison Kitsuné

    Maison Kitsuné. 

    New FW14 season is perfectly playful as always.

    At the helm of Maison Kitsuné, are Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki.Loaec, previously the manager and artistic director of Daft Punk, and

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  5. Bat for Lashes X YMC

    It’s like something that should be scratched into a tree or scrawled onto sandy beaches somewhere along Big Sur.

    Natasha Khan loves YMC. 
    YMC loves Natasha Khan. 
    A mutual love led to
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    The Hentsch man. He's so damn cool. 

    We wanna go on a road trip through the 

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  7. Adieu Paris

    Adieu shoes from Paris.

    Made with Love, by lovers, Benjamin and Isabelle.

    And because 'a little bit of love goes along way' around here, starting

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