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With the VEJA SS19 arrivals, we thought we'd give you the low down as to why these coveted kicks are so eco-friendly for our planet.

They use organic cotton which is 100% certified organic and fairtrade cotton, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
This method makes the land richer than 
it was before cultivating it as it combines complementary species.



The leather VEJA use comes from the Rio Grande do Sul farms, this Brasilian state is located at the boarder of Argentina. It is tanned in Brasil, respecting the REACH norms. A very special attention is payed to the water usage during the tanning process.

All the Veja insoles from SS19 are now made out of the same and more have ecological material to reduce the petrol ratio. It improves the comfort and also the lightness of sneaker. They use 9% recycled EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) 11% Wild Rubber from Amazonia and 80% EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). 

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