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Behind The Brand | YMC

25 years ago, London was on a cultural high, Brit Pop (Oasis VS Blur), The YBA's (Young British Artists, Think Damian Hirst, Tracey Emin), and of course fashion. With YMC (You Must Create) being one of the emerging new brands. Initially inspired by workwear and military clothing and taking its name from a quote by Industrial designer Raymond Loewy; " You must create your own design style".

At this time Orlando (TSS owner), was working in London and counted YMC founders Jimmy Collins and Fraser Moss as his good friends (which resulted in  many stories of crazy nights in Paris, London, Barcelona... I'm sure Orlando will recount if asked!)


When Nicola and Orlando moved to Sydney and started their fashion agency, YMC was the first brand they represented. Fast forward 20 years and it continues to be a Standard Store staple. Their understated, timeless garments are directional yet wearable and YMC has established itself to be one of the most enduring independent brands to come out of the UK.

Music heavily influences YMC, so it's no surprise they have a great Spotify account. Here's a recent playlist by Ruby Savage from record label Brownswood, for YMC.

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