Sustainability at The Standard Store

Sustainability at The Standard Store

Discover new season that takes a sustainable approach to design. These Standard Store brands are paving the way for a brighter future in fashion.

The newly launched Rachel Comey Resale Market allows you to shop and sell rare and archival Rachel Comey styles, keeping them in circulation. Currently only available to those in the US, it's a brilliant way to elongate the lifecycle of clothing.

Anntian aims to pleasure one's life for many, many years. Made by small regional manufacturers that focus on solid, sustainable quality in the making, selection and developing of fabrics. A process to counter fast fashion and fast life.

Our locally designed and made label, ESSE creates a timeless, modern wardrobe offering to withstand the test of time. All ESSE garments are created from traceable materials to ensure that each step of the product journey is considered.

Apiece Apart mindfully works to craft every collection sustainably and responsibly, using organic, ethically-sourced, and biodegradable fabrics and natural fibers as often as possible. Each collection is cut-to-order, with little to no excess inventory at the end of each season, striving for a low-waste production process.

This is just a selection and only the beginning...


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