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The Story Behind The Sunspel Riviera Polo

Originally designed in the 1950s for the heat of the French Riviera, the Riviera Polo Shirt is light and breathable due to its unique fabric structure. Re-tailored in 2006 for Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, it is now a modern classic.

The Riviera Polo Shirt was redesigned by Lindy Hemming to meet the demands of a more active Bond character allowing Craig to move more cleanly and easily in action... Sounds like you right.

Daniel Craig Casino Royale


A brief timeline of the men's Polo Shirt...

- Starting off in the early 1920s the polo shirt took center stage on the Tennis Courts allowing players to move easily.

- It was then taken to the streets of London as the symbol of an emerging ‘youthquake’ in the '60s.

Frances Wolf 1957


- In the '70s, Mr. Ralph Lifshitz (also known as Ralph Lauren) set up his casual wear company ‘Polo’ and added his signature Horse onto their Polo's.

- And finally, enter James Bond in 2006 who did away with any decorations or add ons resulting in the most elegant version. 

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