RIPE VOL.3 | Snacks for the senses

RIPE VOL.3 | Snacks for the senses

1] Space tourism company, World View, has unveiled designs for a hexagonal capsule lifted by a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon that will fly passengers to the edge of the earth's atmosphere. With plans to orbit in 2024, you can now schedule your lift off as it’s taking bookings. 

2] Keen to reduce your excess baggage? Ally Capellino’s unisex Packable raincoats burst out of zipped bundles (folding back in when needed). Best of all, they’re made using 100% recycled polyester.


3] The Bing Ting Cafe in East Yorkshire, England, has taken over a 19th-century butcher’s shop. But tradition stops with the preserved original wall tiles. Chinese street food is washed down with bubble teas and a side of a Wonka-esque wackiness. 

4] New to our stable, Maria La Rosa’s clutches are the ultimate pick-me-up’s. Crocheted in Italy from silk ribbon, they possess a handy extra – a chain strap to unleash when you’re in the mood for swinging.


5] Our ongoing exclusive collab with Playlister brings you STANDARD STORE/RIPE 3 via Spotify showcasing the title track from Sault’s new album, AIR. Helmed by producer Dean Josiah Cover (AKA Inflo), it features the mysterious neo-soul troupe Kid Sister, Michael Kiwanuka and Cleo Sol amongst others. The selection will steer you out of cruise control into a wild ride through dream-pop, funk and various flavours of dance from the 70’s to infinity and beyond.


6] Seeking a little untamed glamour? Stine Goya’s Avalyn dress with its elegantly radical cheetah pastel pattern takes you right into the fold. Better still, it’s crafted from 100% recycled polyester (made from recycled plastic). How wild is that?

7] Mexico’s Pug Seal Zapoteco hotel paints a beautiful dialogue between art and architecture within a heritage villa in Oaxaca. Walls are awash with abstract motifs inspired by the local Zapotec and Mixtec cultures, easing you into a state of zen-sation.


8] With its tidal marble print and slightly relaxed fit, Kestin’s Crammond seersucker shirt made from 100% cotton is the blueprint for your new-season wardrobe.

9] Seeking a little sea change when it comes to luxe pampering destinations? The spa at the Euphoria Retreat is a cavernous 3,000 SQM sanctuary carved into the base of a mountain in Mystras, Greece, where a spherical pool punctured by archways dwells deep in its underbelly. Surely that floats your fantasies.


10] More than just a warm fuzzy, this Rika Studios jumper is meticulously tie-dyed. Super-soft thanks to its cashmere and merino wool blend, it’s then steamed into the perfect snug fit.

11] Melding theatrical drama with hawt whimsy, Adelaide’s Fugazzi by Studio-Gram oozes glam with lip-puckering sass. This slick ‘n’ cosy Ferrari-red Italo-American diner casts instant Sophia Loren va-va-voom spells on each and every pasta twirler inside.

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