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Behind The Brand | Maison Kitsuné

We first stumbled upon Maison Kitsune at a small trade show in Paris. They sold t-shirts and CD's and we were drawn to their cool French aesthetic.

The founders, French Gildas Loaëc and Japanese Mayaya Kuroki met whilst working on a Daft Punk project. They bonded over fashion and music and decided to create a record and clothing label- Maison Kitsune was born. 

From humble beginnings of one rail at a trade show...

To stores across the globe including NYC, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Maison Kitsune still signs up and coming music talents and continues to curate playlists. If that didn't keep them busy enough they then decided to launch Cafe Kitsune globally and a flagship restaurant in Paris.

Maison is the French word for house and Kitsune is the Japanese word for Fox, a symbol of versatility. Since the brand’s inception, this mythical animal has been Maison Kitsuné’s signature logo, fluidly working its way in, here and there– and of course, shifting faces along the way.

We have proudly stocked Maison Kitunsé from the day we opened in 2011, here are our key pieces this season.





And of course, we listen to their music, this one is particularly poignant as we won't be travelling to Paris this season... Listen here.



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