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Cuisse De Grenouille - ( thats frogs legs to you and me )

nicola reindorf

Posted on October 01 2013

Ok gentlemen, if you haven't yet noticed summer has come early this year , and it's that time again , lazy days at the beach followed by an Aperol spritzer as the sun goes down. As always we expect you to do this in style...and without a doubt le plus stylish surf label has to be from two French brothers Lucus and Severin.These fellows have a passion for surf ,old cinema and fashion , which rather shows in their label - think two toned boardshorts with a 50's fit  but with a 20th century technology ( super quick drying and fabric memory ) French cotton tees with subtle graphics - the tag line is : The Gentleman Surfer. They even have a scented candle, which smells just like a young French boy I fell in love with a long time ago......

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