Bricks, mortar and online!?

by nicola reindorf


We have been known to wax lyrical about the importance of bricks and mortar retail....I mean if you are going to buy a pair of Trickers don't you want to have Orlando on his knees at your feet with a tortoise shell shoe horn ? So perhaps it's a little bit of a surprise to see that our website has been updated and you can now shop online. Yes yes , we gave in , we listened to you and we got with the program.Its early days yet folks , so we have only put a token amount of product up ( gosh shooting product and uploading the photos is a slow and time consuming process, thank goodness for Kit , our knight in shining armour who helped us out, and prevented our shop page from being a series of blurry Iphone photos!)

Bare with us , as we slowly upload more, in the meantime have a little browse!

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