by Admin 01

Another one for the boys.. Sunspel, the purveyor of lustworthy undergarms, has arrived at the standard store. Hailing from middle England and manufactured using some of the original techniques from the brands birth year in 1860, sunspel’s philosophy is to “eliminate the unnecessary while perfecting the essentials”. Perfectly cut, each garment is hand-cut, hand-sewn, individually inspected and ironed before being shipped from the factory. Single-handedly responsible for invention of the boxer short back in 1947, the sunspel crew were covering shapely male behinds well before Nick Kamen stripped down to his white sunspel boxer shorts for Levi’s in the ’80′s. In addition to the cult boxers, we’ve also bought the incredibly soft and lightweight classic tee shirts in core tones of white, navy, and black. These beauties are designed to stick around. on second thoughts, maybe maybe this is one for the girls ….

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