The weekender…

by Admin 01

Have you met Brielle? She’s the lovely strawberry blonde that can wear high waisted jeans like nobody else! And not only is she gorgeous, she is also super cool. I think her top 5 choices are my favourites so far… so without further ado… Brielle and her fantastic 5. The squirrel print dress by YMC with it’s velvet detailing, so good with a pair of ankle boots! The Swedes over at Sandqvist have created the most beautiful leather bag in a delicious caramel leather. Can you imagine how great this will be once the bag has “lived” a little?! Jennifer Loiselle neck pieces are coveted by all the girls here, and the coral, cream and grey is classic and daring all at once. Brielle’s arms are adorned with layers of bracelets including a few dainty skulls from our favourite French jeweller, Miss Emilie of Elvis et Moi… And everyone needs a new book full of inspiration to unwrap, so this issue of NoBrow is on the list.

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