I wish I got the guy’s name who just came into the store and said that. Priceless. And he is right. This living terrarium will calm you like a zen garden and is way easier than looking after a fish or a terrapin. Katrina is the Mother of the Terrariums. When she’s not creating tiny jurassic park-like scenes behind glass for our store, she is a landscape artist on film sets! Wow! She knows her greens! So when we proposed the idea for making some terrariums for us she went above and beyond by actually hand making the glass vessels! And guess what? They are all for sale! Full of mossy rocks and carnivorous plants, or ferns and latin-named foliage. And she is writing caring instructions just for you. But really, they are happy as larry in their own little world and just need a little chat each morning and maybe a spritz. I just cannot wait for one to gobble a mosquito!