Tom has been and gone like a slow, literary whirlwind. When Orlando and Nicola opened the shop last year, stocking The Idler books, was top of their list. So it was a real treat when Tom Hodgkinson, (author/editor/genius of The Idler magazines and books), said he wanted to do something for our lovely customers when he was in Sydney. This last Thursday, if you wandered past the store, you would have heard a great deal of glasses chinking, laughter and much applause, as Tom talked us through his catalogue of ukulele favourites. Big Rock Candy Mountain, Watchin’ the wheels, etc. But true to Tom’s wonderful wit, he ended with his very own version of ‘Anarchy in The UK’ by The Sex Pistols. It was an outrageously good time. Thanks to everyone who warmed the store with us! Of course if you aren’t familiar with Tom, the best way to get inside his head is through his books. His guide to Husbandry (titled, Brave Old World) talks about why you should never ever buy supermarket bread, and why, although his beekeeping practice isn’t the most economic, it did give him the sweetest honey he had ever tasted. ‘Back To The Land’ and ‘Smash The System’ feature illustrations by David Hockney, essays by Alain de Botton and coming soon, but still at the printing press, the next edition contains a conversation with Louis Theroux. Freshly signed copies are still available for those of you who are quick.