For the coffee table

by Admin 01

We have some lovely new titles in store for you to peruse, because we love magazines. In fact Orlando loves his magazines so much that he shipped all his issues of THE FACE from Blighty to Sydney because he could not part with them. But I digress…hopefully we have a magazine for you : If you are glamourous and fabulous then pick up a copy of SELF SERVICE, its bound like a book , with gold embossed lettering no less! If you are more of a lad and a bit of a cad and you are colourblind then DAPPER DAN is for you because its all in black and white and the name says it all. For those who not only like a tipple but are discerning about what that tipple should be then pick up a copy of HOT RUM COW its a magazine all about booze, how niche is that ? Then there is PORT magazine , and this issue is all about food, and who doesn’t like food ? Its been guest edited by world renowned chef Fergus Henderson , needless to say chefs restaurants and amazing shots of food feature heavily. We are loving THE TRAVEL ALMANAC its a handy size, you can fit it in your back pocket and it has some highly regarded contributors : Jay McInerney, Rick Owens, Tsumori Chisato and Johny Marr…. say no more. And supporting the locals is Collect magazine, this issues tagline is curiouser and curiouser and if that doesn’t make you curious then what will ? Oh and then of course there is FANTASTIC MAN and GENTLEWOMAN which sums us all up .

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