Doctor Cooper

by Admin 01

With porcelain skin and flushed cheeks, Lisa Cooper looks like she was born to be around flowers. And maybe she truly was. With a portrait of Saint Therese of Lisieux hung in an oval frame over her bed since childhood, (not knowing until later in life that she was the patron saint of florists), perhaps it was destiny. When we asked Lisa to create something for the window, we could never have imagined something of this scale. A masterpiece. Entitled “Flower Drawing for St Therese”, her vision was to create a floral portrayal of Saint Therese, with a veil of moss, and fern and ivy spilling out as the layers of a drawing. In amongst the green is a tall metal sculpture, which holds high a spray of ever-changing blooms. In the beginning, blush pink carnations. This second week, Daphne, the queen of perfume… and we can only imagine how it will grow or even decompose over the next two weeks. All we know is that it will be beautiful. Thank you Doctor Lisa Cooper

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