If the shoes make the individual then let the laces make the statement. Ah yes the humble shoe lace , so often taken for granted , yet these little fellas from Stolen Riches are changing all that. With metal tips and an abundance of colour pop , which have their very own names such as Happiest Orange ( because Frank Sinatra says orange is the happiest colour ), Huckleberry Yellow (named after Val kilmer in Tombstone , looking decidedly yellow when he delivered the line ” I’m your Huckleberry”) and Isola Silver after David Bowie’s ( aka Ziggy Stardust ) production company. But wait there’s more ! Pocket squares and lapel pins to match your laces. So there is no longer an excuse, fine gentleman , to look business suit grey. And like everything we love Stolen Riches is the real deal, a family run business who have been making top quality laces for four generations and through two world wars. Suits you sir !