Here is a justified rant from Jen ( we miss you Jen ! ) I love Instagram. But today it made me angry. And I want to tell you why. I follow Coolhunting, which is generally interesting and does what it says, shows cool things in the design world. Not today. Today it was more like Foolhunting. They featured a Brooklyn, NYC toile style wallpaper, stocked at MoMA. The problem with this is, it’s by a small company called Flavor Paper(a collaboration with Mike D from The Beastie Boys). NOT the wonderful guys at Timorous Beasties <> who were the innovators at reinvigorating toile with modern, often dark, London, Glasgow and NY scenes. (If you’ve ever tried on anything in store, you would have noticed we have their London wallpaper in the changing room) It doesn’t say much about the integrity of MoMA, stocking product that is a direct rip off of established artists. So I wrote to Timorous Beasties and they forwarded me this article from a Scottish newspaper : <> Seems Top Shop has done even worse. Copied their design and put it on a ONESIE. Why not just pay the original artist??? Greed. We have a poster upstairs for these situations that make our blood boil :Think of Your Own Ideas, by Anthony Burrill My thoughts? Mike D was clearly googling ‘Beasties’ when he had his “brainwave”. Rant over.