Miss Bibi

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Posted on May 21 2013

Sometimes you see things and you are drawn to them because they take you back to a memory, back to your kiddyhood. Perhaps that was why I was drawn to this jewellery collection by Miss Bibi , a hot pink rubber ring with a blinging crystal on it? Oh my gosh, when I was 7 that was my idea of heaven! Or a ring made up of a cluster of Nerds ( sweets- duh!) , a pretty bracelet called Scooby Doo , and for the tomboys a gold plated toy soldier necklace. Miss Bibi , is actually Brigitte Giraudi , and she hails from Monaco,( Monaco ! ) she loves doll houses ( come on girls , don’t we all? ) and all things small and playful and applies this aesthetic to her collection of fine jewellery. May it bring out the funny little girl in you!

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