On the road again...

by Admin 01

Buying in Paris and Berlin ( we are not going to whinge ) is a whole lot of fun and always inspiring and often exhausting. Highlights are : the salty radishes at the MAN (http://www.man-shows.com )trade show , courtesy of a Belgian food truck , which had the best portable BBQ ever. Beautifully ironic board shorts from Parisian surfers ( coming to the Standard Store soon ! ) Deliciously scented room spray from the California cool crew at Juniper Ridge ( they forage for herbs and flowers on the ranches, and bottle the stuff !!! ) No one wears heels anymore , its certainly about the trainer or the flats , and we are very excited about our latest shoe find ADIEU shoes http://www.adieu-paris.com/1.aspx , its what happens when a bespoke shoe designer inspired by teddy boys and punk rock meets a fashion girl who worked for Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent. After 2 weeks away we can say safely say stripy t-shirts will never go out of fashion , and Rose wine tastes better in France , EasyJet is still an airline to be avoided, Berlin has the best street art and meadows look wonderful in cities!

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