Juniper Ridge

by Laura Baxter


Ok men, what do you smell like? And what do you want to smell like ?More importantly what do we want you to smell like ?
No sickly metrosexual, magazine advertisement smelling men here. No siree. Juniper ridge is for real men, that means wash with a bit of this stuff and you will smell like the great outdoors. I am going all weak at the knees thinking bout it!
Juniper Ridge is the real deal – created by a nature loving, mushroom foraging, hiker – the idea is simple: to make a fragrance that smelt of the places he loved :the woodlands of Mt.Tamalpais,the sage covered mountains of the Big Sur or the Timberline trail on Mt.Hood.
Needless to say to be authentic means alot more effort goes into making the product – so the good folk from Juniper Ridge can be found with their backpack on ( beer in hand ) foraging in the woods or the desert for plants,trees, moss and wild herbs for the smells which are then extracted and distilled to make the real fragrances from the quiet places that they love.

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