The Standard 6 : Mr Orlando

by Laura Baxter


Have you ever met Orlando Reindorf? One half of the Mr and Mrs Standard team, in Sydney.
If you have, it will make sense why our men's selection in the store is so damn good. Orlando is the buyer. 
You will also never forget him. The man dresses well. 
I think we might feature Orlando on a regular basis, seeing he is our favourite man in the business.
Fellas, watch and learn...
His passion is for long lasting, quality pieces, clothes worn with a sense of tongue-in-cheek humour, really GOOD shoes,
oh and excellent socks... Richard James, only. 
So here, (and just in time for Father's day ideas) are Orlando's, Standard 6.
1. AMI Black button down shirt -The elegance of this button down shirt is screaming 'point me in the direction of that roof top bar'.
2. Hentsch Hero tee shirt - Because I am a dad and I am already "super".
3. Sunspel boxer shorts - hit by a bus, on the cold marble slab, no need to worry on your way to the after life you will still look might fine. 
4. YMC work trousers - I like the natural indigo dye - simple is sometimes the best.
5. Hentsch  sunglasses - when the sun comes out I will be ready and rock steady. 
6. A new Ally Capellino belt - fave colour is green - they say the belt should match the shoes - true in most cases, but this green just kills it and will look and pop with what ever you wear. 

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