The Grand Standard !

The Grand Standard !


The hounds wear a mix of tees by Kitsune, brooches by Venessa Arizaga and " collars " by Lucy Folk. They light Maison Balzac candles in their windows, and wash their coats with Juniper Ridge trail soap and Spray Henrik Vibskov Type C at the conclusion of their ablutions.

Some are wearing last years paper party hats and some have borrowed bow ties and sunglasses....sometimes style cannot be bought.

They are relaxed, concerned with community , cleaning up after themselves and they are very very chic.

Thank you Heidi Moore Gill for your wonderful installation ! If you see a pooch  and you ask yourself,  " How much is that doggy in the window? "  then you will be happy to hear each individual water colour is available for sale after Christmas. And Kiddies don't forget to post your letter to Santa.


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